Storytelling Coaching

This is a full 90 minute storytelling coaching session, broken into a couple of sessions; Dixie will craft your story with you, taking you every step of the way to an amazing personal moment or performance (Bonus: You will definitely understand yourself better by the end of coaching).

Dixie will coax out your story, asking essential questions that make the story come to life, and help you find the story that YOU want to tell. If you've seen the stage show, listened to the Livestream or the Podcast, you know that these stories resonant. What many people don’t know is that the reason Bawdy Storytelling is so amazing isn’t just because we have some incredibly talented storytellers in our midst, but also, it's because of the time, energy and commitment that Dixie personally puts into coaching every single storyteller to tease out the best story possible. Now is the time to hone those public speaking skills for the future!

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